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What's up guys! I want to give you a little context into my life so you can get to know me, know what I do and why I do what I do. Before I tell you that, let's break the barrier between you and me. Let me take you a few years back and show you my pain, struggles, family life, wins, and ambitions. 

May-Aug / 2018.... I accomplished my biggest goal for the year: finishing community college with a 4.0 GPA and getting a full ride to the University of KY to major in public health and minor in neuroscience/ pre-med. I won multiple academic awards, the school named me ambassador of the year, I had a meeting with the Governor, and I made it into different publications...etc. I was proud of myself. Most of all my mom, who traveled 7000 miles to come to the US to create a better opportunity for her kids was very proud. I got all I imagined and asked for but I was not really happy. In Aug- 2019 I dropped out of school and started to find my true happiness! 



My name is Ruel Wodajo. I was born and raised in Ethiopia. When I was in elementary and high-school I was not an “A” student. I enjoyed socializing and creating opportunities rather than just sitting in the class and listening to the teacher’s lecture for 45 minutes.  Every teacher used to characterize me as a kid without a mission or ambition. No one asked me what I wanted to do and/or what made me happy. Everyone’s judgments were based on my GPA. I had a horrible GPA, so it’s easy to guess what people used to think about me.

I used to love creating businesses in my school. I used to sell shoes, electronics, and sometimes food inside my school to make extra cash. After turning 15, I don’t remember asking my parents for money. I used to hustle on my own. I was a very independent and confident kid. Even though all these things are great qualities to have for a 15-years-old, they are not part of the GPA analogy. In the GPA analogy, you are only two things: either you are a winner (with a good GPA) or a failure (with a low GPA). The GPA analogy doesn’t promote taking greater risks earlier in life and experiencing failure multiple times. It tells you to just study books, listen to the teacher, pass the tests and make everybody proud (simple)? Though, the question I always used to ask was: How can I make others proud when I am not even proud of myself? I used to feel highly pressured to score good grades in school. I always used to cheat on an exam or do something dumb to escape that pressure.

“When you are not inspired by what you do, your mind will find an escaping mechanism in the form of distraction.” Ruel

The escape didn’t end there. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and developed terrible habits which I took with me to high school. Through the help of God, the church, and some cold life lessons I regained most of my power.  I still had a lot of insecurities, I kept asking the question: How can I make others proud when I am not even proud of myself? I kept cheating and finding ways to escape. Why not? I wondered. At least I am making others proud of me. At least I am chasing the GPA dream.

I am sorry to admit that I cheated on the 12th grade national exam and got the highest grade to join top universities back home. In that same year, I got an opportunity to come to the US and I did. 

I thank God that I didn’t go to college back home, but I was still uncertain about what I was going to do here in the US. I didn’t come here alone, my mom and my two youngest siblings were here with me. It didn’t take me long to realize I was a responsible brother who must lead by example. I said forget what everyone labeled me as before. I am going to change this! And I did. I started by working 50+ hours a week at a local restaurant and bought my car. I then continued and secured a place for me and my family. I enrolled at a community college to land the best career that would make my momma proud (to be a doctor!). With the help of my beloved uncle G in heaven who passed away two years ago and God, I started living a sustainable and comfortable life. 

My community college experience here in the US was very different than I thought. Here my teachers encouraged my work, rewarded my failure, and always helped me to do better. That encouragement fueled my ambition to succeed, and I became a great student. I studied hard, aimed high, and achieved it! That was the first time I realized I wasn’t a failure, that the GPA analogy was dumb, not me. 


At long last, I was successful, but still I wasn’t happy. I continued to dig deep. I did some personal development, and I realized one thing: I was not living based on my highest priority. My hustler mentality got me where I am but I knew there was more for me to achieve. I realized that, yes I love to help people but not as a doctor. I knew that, yes I want to be successful but not by going to med school. 

I then started asking different questions. Instead of asking why I was not happy, I started asking what makes me happy? When was I happy? For what reasons? What can I do now to be happy? 2019 was the time for me to answer all the questions. It was a year of continuous struggle, learning, and realization. I was putting at least eight hours/day finding out what I truly wanted and testing it in real life. I was always an entrepreneur with a huge ambition to change the world. That dream of mine was crushed so many times by so many people, and 2019 was the year I attempted to unleash that power.

Since I started living in my highest priority, I have started 2 successful businesses, and more importantly, I have impacted scores of people with my knowledge, skills, and products. My lifestyle, happiness, and health have improved dramatically since I found my purpose in life. My goal now is to help other individuals dissolve their fears, find their purpose and empower their seven areas of life. I specifically help people on credit, business, and wealth by using the BEBI method: Break, Empower, Build, and Impact. With these four powerful methods, I am changing my game. Most importantly, I want to change yours. You have been given one life. If you really want to succeed no matter what, this is for you. Welcome to The Game Changers. 

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